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Blenzo is originally a Dutch shoe brand. Father Blankers established Blenzo right after World War II. In 1994, his two sons Eric and Marco Blankers took over the business and from 2018 Marco became owner. Blenzo turns 75 years this year.

Blenzo pantoffels

Who is Blenzo?

Blenzo is originally a Dutch shoe brand. Founded by Mr. Blankers in 1946 and grown into a sizeable business with a production facility built in-company, operating in Hungary under the name of Blenzo Industries Hungary kft. The name Blenzo is the abbreviation of BLankers EN ZOnen (Blankers and sons). Marco Blankers takes care of daily management. Our primary sales markets are North and East European countries through medium and large retailers.

What does Blenzo do?

Blenzo is a brand and has been well-known for years for its good fit and decency. The price-quality ratio is also balanced. In addition to slippers and mules in all kinds of editions, such as fantasy fabrics, rib and leather for women, men and children, Blenzo also makes shoes for the healthcare industry. Most of the articles are also suited for use outdoors. These articles are sold as street shoes.

What does Blenzo stand for?

For years, Blenzo has guaranteed a continuously consistent quality and durability. Consumers know this and orders from customers are usually repeat orders. Together with the customer, Blenzo has served the needs of the consumer for over 70 years.

Our uniquely developed soles

The Blenzo quality

Our factory

Our production facility in Hungary

With the possibilities of the factory and fully trained personnel as the basis, we decide in close consultation with the customer which new products may be possible for the future. Working as a team is important; people feel at home at Blenzo and like working there. Turnover barely exists. Blenzo deeply cares about quality.

Blenzo employees

  • Marco Blankers
    Marco Blankers Owner

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